To recycle your underutilized costumes – please email us at Donations@KostumeKult.com ! Kostume Kult returns to Burning Man 2015 scrambling to gather enough finery and ridiculousness for this year’s insatiable demand. With only a few weeks to go, we need many more costume pieces, colorful fashion items or anything that […]


14th Street Gator Subway Art
*PARTICIPATE* In Kostume Kult’s Burning MANHOLE PROJECT !!! DO YOU WANT TO CREATE ART FOR THE PLAYA BUT DID NOT SUBMIT A FORMAL REQUEST? Kostume Kult is blessed with an Esplanade Frontage location where we hope to work with a variety of artists on the MANHOLE PROJECT… Hailing from NYC, […]

MANhole PROJECT at Burning Man 2015

Since 2002, Kostume Kult has hosted an annual Burning Man theme camp that freely gifts thousands of pounds of donated costumery to all comers from its Esplanade frontage location.  Along with our Kostume Gifting Station, we feature DJs, ongoing runway shows and themed art reflecting our NYC roots and whatever the yearly […]

Kostume Kult’s 11 Principles & Burning Man

The Horned Ball was envisioned as Kostume Kult’s premier Burning Man camp fundraiser. A unique Spring Bacchanalia and annual Art Project in early April – the animals are out of hibernation and ready to rut… And DANCE! Partially inspired by Fire Sign, Aries, April timing, this was to be a fiery, frisky, horny affair every […]

History & Philosophy of the Horned Ball

KOSTUME KULT ‘s Camp was born from Fire and Dust mixing in childlike enthusiasm and participatory zeal.  A Burning Man sperm that impregnated an NYC Halloween Parade inspired egg, Kostume Kult fused West Coast burner love with NYC based theatrical attitude – growing to become a big part of BM and the […]

The History of KK @ Burning Man